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About Us

SEEDENJOY是由一位移居英國的香港人於 2023 年所創立。移居英國後發覺英國有很多美好的東西值得分享,於是希望透過繁體中文為移居英國的香港人、台灣人一起探索英國吃喝玩樂的好去處;同時也為大家搜尋旅遊、餐飲、時尚和美容的獨家折扣!加入SEEDENJOY,一起展開冒險, 發掘英國的最精彩之處!

SEEDENJOY is a leading traditional Chinese lifestyle media established in 2023. Founded by a Hong Kong expat who relocated to the UK, our platform is dedicated to showcasing the finest experiences the UK has to offer. Inspired by the beauty and culture of the country, our mission is to guide you through the best places to eat, drink, and enjoy, all presented in Traditional Chinese. Alongside our insightful recommendations, we also provide exclusive discounts on fashion and beauty products. Join us at SEEDENJOY, let's embark on an adventure to discover the very best of the UK together!

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